I Have Good Intentions

Blogging every day is hard. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say.

Creating something every day is hard. Especially something new. I don’t want my art to be gimmicky just to get more people to visit my blog or pin my designs.

It’s hard to admit you don’t know what you’re doing. I was going to take a hiatus to learn CSS in order to customize my blog before I went into full launch mode. It seemed hard so I found other things to distract myself with. And now I haven’t blogged since April.

I’m not a great writer. I use the words ‘really’ and ‘so’ a lot. I don’t have anything profound to say. Someone’s already saying what I want to say – but better.

I’m one of thousands. What do I have to say that’s different? Why would anyone care about what I have to say?

Life is busyThat’s definitely an excuse – I know some bloggers balance kids, a full-time job, freelance work, writing books, and everyday blogging. But my life is busy to me and I really enjoy watching movies with my husband.

I really want to be good at this. I’ve bought books and tried e-courses. I pin hundreds of how-to guides. I read stories from other bloggers and how they got started. I feel like I’m smart – I can figure this out, right?

Eventually I will just have to dive right in. This dream of mine is big, and it’s time I make it happen.

5 thoughts on “I Have Good Intentions

  1. I am checking out everyone’s blogs from this morning’s Alt Summit class. So far I’ve only added two to my RSS feed. Yours is one of them. Your blog is pretty!!

  2. “I’m one of thousands. What do I have to say that’s different? Why would anyone care about what I have to say?”

    Hey Misty! I saw you at Alt For Everyone, and when I came over here to check out your blog I saw this, and I just had to remind you that you’re unique. You’re the only YOU. No one else can say what you say, offer what you offer, or give what you give. You’re the only one who can be you. I heard this in a blogging class somewhere… I think maybe the Create + Connect Project. I always try to keep it in the forefront of my mind, because it is so easy to get lost thinking how many other bloggers are already out there and already doing better than I am. But they can’t do better at being me :)

    ps I love your banner and site tagline (or whatever that’s called…) :)

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for the kind words. I am still processing everything I learned at Alt, but hope that I can put it to action here on my blog. I haven’t had the chance to look at all the blogs from the blogroll, but I’ll be sure to stop by yours soon!

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